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At Simplydry we believe the future is eco-friendly single use towels! We offer a wide range of single use salon towels for hair salons, beauty salons, nail bars and spas.

All of our single use towels are eco-friendly and designed to save your business time and money, and being disposable means they are more hygienic, reduce your time and money associated with washing regular salon towels..freeing your staff to earn you money!

Our single use towels are bio-degradable – meaning that if they are left outside, then they decompose fast – so being kind to the environment!

We feel our single use towels are the best out there and also cost less than our competitors! We also design, produce and manufacture our own disposable towels and have the highest quality controls – allowing no fillers or other additives!

Our success has been gained by offering the best range of single use towels and the most cost effective prices, whether for hair salons, beauty salons, nail bars and spas.

At Simplydry, we believe in a personal service and also offer free next day delivery.  We are very proud of the fact that a lot of our new business comes from word of mouth via salon owners recommending our towels to other salons.

To find out why, and try our single use towels for yourself, try our FREE single use salon towel pack! – click here

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