The Scrummi Towels Alternative!

SIMPLYDRY Disposable Hairdressing Towels are a more competitive alternative to Scrummi Towels.

Simplydry supply a range of disposable hairdressing towels which are a premium quality and at a price that is more competitive than our competition – such as Scrummi towels!

Try our disposable hairdressing towels and see our quality and price saving compared to using Scrummi towels! You could save your salon significant money and they feel more luxurious!

We believe our towels are the best out there and so do our customers – we regularly get new customers that have used other brands, such as Scrummi towels coming to us as we provide an alternative disposable towel at a much more competitive price! We are very proud of the fact that a lot of our new business comes from word of mouth via salon owners recommending our towels to other salons. They also cost less than our competitors, such as Scrummi towels.

Our success has been gained by offering the best range of towels at the best prices, whether for hair salons, beauty salons, nail bars and spas and offering FREE delivery!

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