Easyfoil Trio Workstation (no foil)

£185.00 +VAT

The Easyfoil 3-Colour foil system provides the stylist with everything they need to make multi-colour applications fast, easy and more creative.

The foil dispenser makes it simple to select and apply the precise amount of foil needed, whatever the length of hair. The patented “up-cutting” blade ensures a clean, wrinkle-free length every time.

The integrated colouring bowls and tools shelf includes 4 colouring bowls and holds brushes, combs and tongs.

The detachable waste bin makes it easy to gather and recycle used foil.

The Easyfoil Trio Workstation is designed with stability and mobility in mind. Mounted on 5 easy-glide castors, its fully welded construction will provide years of use.

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Our foils are produced specifically for the hair care professional and Easyfoil is 100% Aluminium and 18 microns thick.

Easyfoil goes through a heat curing process making it supple and more flexible than cheaper cold rolled foils.

Easyfoil is lacquered with a specifically formulated finish, designed to resist the chemicals associated with hair colouring products and is cut and rolled to sizes ideally suited for hairdressing applications.
There is no better standard available within the industry.

Easyfoil is produced for use in combination with the Trio Workstation. We have developed a system and methodology for our customers that offers the best in quality, efficiency, accuracy and creativity.