Eco savings

Simplydry dispoable eco towels savings

Things you need to know

simplydry can save your salon on average 40% on towel and laundry costs.
simplydry towels stay put! The innovative addition of the clip keeps the towel firmly in place.
simplydry uses no bleach, no pesticides and no nasties – perfect for sensitive skin.
simplydry towels are 100% biodegradable and can even be composted.
simplydry achieves 10-15% MORE absorbency than other brands on the market.
simplydry matches traditional towels for size and experience.
simplydry disposable towels mean no losses on tint damage making them perfect for colour rubbing, blotting and Ombré techniques.
The simplydry service comes with fast, efficient delivery as standard.
100% bamboo biodegrable eco-friendly
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